I am a husband, father to three wild kids, a professional strongman, bodybuilder, BJJ practitioner, contest prep, and strength & lifestyle coach (NSCA-CPT | PN | FNMS | J3U). I’ve played sports my entire life and have been into weight training for over 20 years. I’ve competed in strongman over 30 times in the last eight years earning my Pro status in 2019 and most recently winning America’s Strongest Man. Prior to coaching strength and nutrition, I had a decade-long career in operations management at Starbucks and Amazon. Starbucks taught me invaluable skills in leading people, and Amazon was instrumental in teaching me how to use data to drive decision-making. I am blessed now to use those skills and apply them to topics I’m passionate about.

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Anthony is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, programming, and body mechanics. His coaching has enabled me to achieve far more both personally and competitively than I thought possible. Thank you and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Keith W.

Anthony has helped me in the world of strongman since the day I met him. Easy to get in contact with and treats every athlete from pro to beginner the exact same. If you’re looking to become a better version of yourself Anthony is the man for you.

Daniel D.

Working with Anthony has been awesome. He definitely writes a program for you, the individual, not cookie cutter and he takes the time to design a diet that fits your goals and current lifestyle. I’ve seen pretty amazing results in the short time since working with him! He responds quickly to questions and is a good all-around person who wants the best for his clients!

James P.

Anthony has written 2 programs for me this year and they have definitely helped me gain strength overall and especially on my weak areas. The programs have pushed me, which is what I want and someone needs to get better at whatever your goal may be. Anthony is very knowledgable and passionate about fitness and I would definitely recommend him if you want to improve your fitness in some way.

Chad C.

I have spent 3+ years training with Anthony. I can’t say enough good things about all my experiences from programming to nutrition to mental support that he has provided me. I have always told people that when looking for a personal trainer to look at the individual and their achievements to know if your wasting your time. He is a walking billboard of accomplishments and you won’t regret a single dollar spent for his training.

Nathan C.

I hired Anthony to help me bulk up from 165 to 200 pounds. He accomplished this in 6 months and put on well balanced muscle mass. He’s willing to adjust programming to meet changing goals and specific applications. It’s been an incredible experience and I’ll continue to use his services for a long time!

Joel C.

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